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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Some musical findings that caught my ear

Sup dawgs!  Gonna throw a couple of links your way that caught my ear.

The Constructus Corporation - Jellyfish

For a while now some of the stuff that's grabbed me the most is the work of Watkin Tudor Jones of Die Antwoord.  More specifically their older stuff, he's gone through several personas each with their own styles and feels.  All of his different personas are worth checking out, look in to them.  I could go on about this dude for ages, but this particular song of his is the one running through my head at the moment

At first I really wasn't sure about this track, sounded a bit too surreal and invasive.  But I felt the need to revisit it and now I'm in love.  The sloppy messiness of it with how tight and groovy that shit is just makes this scruffy son of a bitch wanna mooove.  Plus this video is pretty kick ass on it's own.

Bill Bailey - Deliverance Banjo Duel (Indian Style)

I've always been a pretty big fan of Bill Bailey, the ideas he has for choons are absolutely amazing, turning the bbc news theme in to a post apocalyptic rave track, his mildly Satanic rendition of The Magic Roundabout, not to mention his Belgian jazz cover of the Dr. Who theme (all of these are worth the watch) but this is the one I found a while back that really caught my ear.  What a fucking brilliant idea!  Why the fuck didn't I think of it?!

This is also one hell of a jam, these musicians are shit hot!

Dude of the Week: Steve Reich

I've loved Steve Reich's stuff for quite a while, so floaty and lovely.  It's a bit of a marmite thing really, some people think it's repetitive shite, some people think it's pure genius.  I happen to think it's pure genius, in the track below he uses polyrhythms which is basically two or more musical patterns that shouldn't work together which meet at certain points so that they do both work together.  So triplets and duplets being played together at the same time would be a polyrhytm.  And all the different polyrhythms in this track fit together like one big mind boggling audible jigsaw.  So mellow and so awesome to zone out to, but if you try counting it out it'll fuck with your head.

Music for 18 Musicians

He also does simpler rhythmic experiments, when I say simpler I mean simpler to write perhaps, but it sure as hell wouldn't be simpler to play!  Below is a little experiment he did with the phasing, basically it's two guys on two pianos playing the exact same pattern.  But one of these two dudes will be playing it just a tiny bit faster so that the patterns will start moving out of phase, this starts making loads of other new patterns until it eventually comes back in to phase again.  It sounds a bit relentless but if you have a listen to just a bit of it you'll get the idea.

Piano Phase

Both the exact same pattern, but it never sounds the same.  Really simple concept but it sounds so badass.

I've decided to try doing my own Steve Reich like track, gonna try use some of his phasing and time signature techniques and add a bit of my own spin to it, so I shall post the results soon!

Hope you enjoyed the read, if you've found anything musically awesome or magnificent please send it to me through either of these thingies below, would love to hear them:
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Ciao for now!

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