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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

LIVE Living room jam session - Eat my Jazz Cock (Kieran Taylor, Djjage, Sticks O'Toole)

Sup y'all!
     Second post on the blog, thought I'd chuck this up.  A few of us like to get together occasionally, have a couple of drinks, eat some food and play some music together.  This time we decided to record it, so here's a full recording of the jam!  On guitar we have Kieran Taylor (you can check out his stuff by clicking here), on keys (bass n synth shit) we have myself (you can hear my shizzle here) and my father on the drums who decided to call himself Sticks O'Toole.

It was recorded with one condenser mic stuck in the corner of the room, so it all sounds a little raw!  None of these choons were practiced at all, so there are a few slips in there but I decided to leave those in for character, like you'd do with those weird stains on the seats of your car, or is that just me?

Anyway hope you like it, here be some links!


Stream it on Soundcloud:

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